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Newsletter of the Polymorf.networks

September, 2002


www.polymorf.net Web Site Launched

   Polymorf,  Inc. debuted its construction set toy, Polymorf,  today  with  the launch  of  its
new  web site by  challenging '3Doodlers' ages 8 to 88   to "Crystallize your imagination".
The  geometric building panels are made from unbreakable  plastic in  six vibrant colors.

The colorful  web site is populated  by models of critters  that  walk, talk, and  fly; rings of

tetrahedra  that turn inside out; space shuttles, vehicles, and  aircraft; and  a Ferris wheel

that revolves.  The remarkable combination of rigidity and  flexibility of the models is due

to a  patented  'pinge'  (pin +  hinge)  connector piece  that allows up to six freely hinging

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panels to  be  joined together edge  to edge  at  the  same click to enlarge
time.  Up to  thirty  panels can  be  assembled  together  to
radiate out  from  a common center  point.  The   result  is a
highly versatile modeling system with infinite possibilities.
Polymorf is four sets in one

    The  Polymorf  modeling  system  is  really  four  sets  in one  - a model  building kit,  a

construction set,  a  3-D puzzle, and a math/science manipulative.

    Like conventional  replica model building kits,  the unique geometric properties of  the

panels   let  you  contour  the  shape  of a  model  to  be  convincingly  realistic.  But  with

Polymorf   you  can  build  an unlimited  variety  of  models, not  just  the  one  the kit  was

designed for.

    Polymorf  is also a construction set toy.   Most conventional hub and strut  construction

sets can only build the skeleton of a structure.  However, with Polymorf you can build the

exterior shell of a structure as well as interior spaces that are partitioned and braced for

strength   and  stability  just  like  the  real  thing.  Buildings  can be built  with  rooms and

hallways; ships and subs can  equipped  with cabins  and  passageways; and  bridges,

towers, and Ferris wheels can be engineered with interior cross bracing and bulkheads.

   Assembling a Polymorf model from the seven different shaped panels is like solving a

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complex 3-d puzzle with an added level of difficulty. Since the panels can

be joined together in an infinite variety of combinations, each  puzzle has

more than just  the one solution  that  conventional puzzles are limited  to.

Polymorf will both confound and delight the problem solver in you.

    Polymorf is also a valuable math and science manipulative that integrates well with the

constructivist method of  teaching that is currently being  promulgated  (i.e. learning by

doing).     The  multi - panel  connectability  of  Polymorf   panels  facilitates

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straight   forward  demonstrations  of  mirror  and  symmetry   planes  and

associating   those  elements   between  polyhedra  by  inscription   and

compounding operations.  Transformational operations such as truncation,

sectioning, and rearrangement are also possible.  Demonstrations of space  filling  with

polyhedra   lays  the groundwork  for modeling  the crystal lattice network and polyhedral

framework structure of elements and minerals. 

     Polymorf is available in five different size sets ranging in price from $20 to $150. Each

set comes with detailed instructions on how to build several models.  Teacher materials

are also available. Sets can be purchased directly from the manufacturer by visiting  the

web site www.polymorf.net  and accessing the catalog.

    Polymorf is not just kid's play because not just kids play.




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