This web site is best displayed at 800 x 600 pixels.

If you can't view the whole page try these options.

1) Reset your monitor's display to 800 x 600 pixels:

    >Start>Settings>Control panel>Display>Settings>800x600
2) If you can only display 640x480 pixels:
   a) Internet Explorer: >View>Full screen
                  or     - >View>Toolbars (then uncheck each bar [recheck to restore])
                  or     - Move mouse arrow to top edge of page until it turns
                            into an up ↕ down arrow and drag upwards.
            and/or    - Click on the "x" to the left of the page if one is there.
            and/or    - Click on blue bar at top of page and drag page into view.
            and/or    - >View>Text size>Medium or Small  or Smallest
   b) MSN Explorer:  - Click >> icon to the left of the page.

                           - Then select MINIMIZE THIS BAR.

            and/or     - >More>New window (then maximize size of window by
                              clicking the horizontal bar in the upper right corner)
   c) Netscape Navigator :  Click on skinny vertical bars in upper left edge of
                             screen. They then turn into horizontal bars which
                             can be clicked later to return to normal screen view.
            and/or     - >View>Hide (select toolbar to hide [select show to restore])
            and/or     - Click on blue bar at top of page and drag page into view.

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