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Fig. 219 - Steel I-beam skeleton structure


The above is a model of a typical steel I-beam skeletal framework structure.  However, the

distances between the girders and columns has been shortened significantly in order to

highlight the connection details.  Wide flanged Ι-beams, square in cross-section, are used

for columns that extend from the foundations to the roof.  The bases of the columns are

bolted or welded to steel bearing plates that are attached to the foundation with anchor

bolts sunk deep into the concrete.  The foundation can be quite massive, if the building is

very high, to resist the bending moment exerted by the wind load on the upper stories.

I-beam girders span from column to column.  Beams or truss joists that carry the floors and

roof span from girder to girder. The exterior perimeter girders from which the curtain wall


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