Square-3 Spaceframe:  ( two-way small square outer grid over two-way larger square

                                       inner grid)


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a) outer grid

b) inner grid

c) strut diagram


Fig. 262 - Square-3 spaceframe  [demonstration model built with small triangles (ST) ]*

* can also be built with LT, and IT


The openness of the large square grid pattern of the inner layer is apparent. 


The unit cell is inherently unstable against torsional movement.  Like Square-2, the entire

structure lacks torsional stability since both the outer and inner square grids run parallel
to each another.  Therefore its perimeter must be adequately supported to resist twisting.
The framework can be stabilized with panels or skylights inserted in the square openings.





Fig. 263 - Square-3 unit cell



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M = 52     J = 20



52 < 3 (20 ) - 6

(demonstration model)

unstable,  need +2 M





In terms of structural efficiency, it is midway between the more dense Square-2 design

and the less dense Square-1 spaceframe.





Fig. 264 - Carport with

Square-3 roof


(scale visualization model)

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