◄  Fig. 290 - Hyperboloid cylinder

turning inside out

(built from all RT)

Fig. 291 - Extreme disc positions

of "evoluting"

hyperboloid cylinders  ►

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(built from all IT)

(built from all ST)


Fig. 290 above left shows an overhead view of a hyperboloid in the process of "evoluting"  

inside/out.   The images to the right show two other designs. Each is pictured in the

extreme inside or extreme outside disc positions of their "evolution" only.


Besides being structurally interesting shapes themselves, the malleability of these flexible

spaceframes enables their use in practical and fanciful applications like the following.






a) lampshade

b) coliseum

c) water tower






d) grass shack

e) jellyfish

f) Venusian tomato

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Fig. 292 - Polymorfs of the destabilized Tri-1 spaceframe  (visualization models)


In this section on long-span construction, you have seen how structures such as bar joists,

roof trusses, and spaceframes avail themselves of the unique stabilizing properties of the

triangle to maximize their structural efficiency.  Depending on the stability, strength, and

efficiency desired, such triangulated structures offer the structural engineer a rich

diversity of forms to choose from in designing space enclosures.


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