You can combine two of these swivels by pinging them together by their


perimeter rims only (i.e. with six to twelve pinges).

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Fig. 309 Assembling


the two section

small dodecahex




These pinges, as well as others used in the swivel, act as bearings that allow


the moveable parts to swivel freely.  Note that the triangular shaped pivots of


the leftmost swivel are tapered to make it look more hip like when a leg is


attached to the face of its blue colored hub. Note also that the pivots of one

swivel are not pinged to the pivots of the other swivel but are staggered

relative to each other.  This permits the hubs of the swivels to rotate in the

opposite direction to each other.  That way the body can be attached to the

hub of the red swivel and the leg can be attached to the hub of the blue

swivel so that the leg can rotate back and forth.  As you can see in the images

in the right and left hand corners below, Gizmo uses two, 2-section small

sqocta swivel assemblies - one for each of his legs.  ("Go Gizmo! Go!")



Dodecahex models





. . . .

Li'l roo

Li'l Rex

Big roo


small ani. 14K

small ani. 30K

small ani. 11K

small ani. 47K

larger ani. 33K

larger ani. 75K

larger ani. 28K

larger ani. 78K

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