You can also build a three section dodecahex swivel.  Both of the outside


swivels are staggered relative to the center swivel.  This allows the center

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Fig. 310  Three section dodecahex swivel




section to swivel while the outer sections stay fixed relative to each other. Note


how the moving parts of the model are attached to different points on the


swivel to animate them. Here again the net force resulting from manually

pushing down on the rear of  the body is  displaced in a circular direction
around the axis of the structure.  That is the force that moves the head and
wings. The triangle panel at the base of the wings acts as a lever that displaces
the net force to the wings.  The wings respond in an up and down motion that
is in sync with the down and up motion of the external force (the push). That is,
the swivel causes the external force and the net resultant force to act in the
opposite direction. 


Large sqocta swivels - Sqocta swivels jitterbug between the shape of a

square and an eight sided octagon.  In the large sqocta swivel an edge of the

octagon is equal to the long edge length of the Polymorf panels.  You can

pinge two swivels together by their rims in the staggered position so that the

hub of each swivel rotates in the


opposite direction.  You can then

Figure 311

attach legs to these hubs so that they

Two section

move in opposite directions also like

large sqocta



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they are walking.  Note how the head

is attached to the model to the left so

that the mouth moves in sync with the

legs. Movement synchronization is a basic

property of all machines. Look out Gizmo!


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