Hexagonal closest packed (HCP) structure elements .
Be, b-Ca, Cd, a-Co, Dy, Er, Gd, Hf, Ho, Lu, Mg, Nd, Os, Pr, Re, Ru, Sc, b-Sr, Tb, Tc, Ti, .

Tl, Tm, Y, Yb, Zn, a-Zr

. .
Crystal lattice .


Figure 47 -  HCP elements crystal lattice
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     The ABA eclipsed alignment of the atoms in successive triangulated closest .
packed layers is demonstrated in the above model of the HCP lattice. .
Polyhedral framework
     The polyhedral framework model of HCP elements is identical to the HCP lattice
which can be modeled as a space filling of tetrahedra and octahedra in a ratio of 2:1
as shown previously.
Cleavage Crystal habit
     (100) - perfect      tabular

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