Summary of minerals with AX6 coordination group structures .
    Here again the packing arrangement of the close packed X atoms and the percent
occupation of the interstitial voids determined the number and types of linkage
surfaces of the AX6 coordination groups of minerals and their chemical composition. .
The number of octahedral interstices in a crystal structure is equal to the number of .
close packed atoms.  Hence the chemical formula for structures with a given percent .
occupation rate of their octahedral voids can be deduced a priori.













2/3 (66.7%)








1/3 (33.3%)







Table 7 -  Percent occupancy versus formula for AX6 mineral structures

     The following section also establishes the structural basis for the chemical .
composition of minerals with interstitial atoms occupying both octahedral and
tetrahedral voids, as well as cubic and trigonal prismatic interstices.

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