Likewise, the triangulated layers of spheres (atoms) can be stacked vertically in .
the eclipsed formation or staggered. .






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overhead view

Figure 35 -  Simple hexagonal (HP) packing of spheres

Simple hexagonal packing (HP) .
     Stacking them vertically results in the simple hexagonal or hexagonal primitive
(HP) packing arrangement.  It is called this because each sphere is coordinated with
six surrounding spheres in the same layer.  Atoms packed together in this way can .
can be modeled as a space filling of trigonal and hexagonal prisms. .


Figure 36 -  HP polyhedral framework model
                 ( 30 T, 35 S, 79 pinges)
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     Each sphere has a coordination number of eight - the six surrounding spheres in .
the same layer and one sphere on top of and below it in the adjacent layers. .

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