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Product promo

       The Polymorf construction set toy challenges "3Doodlers" ages 8 to 88 to "Crystallize your

imagination".  Build life-like models of creatures that walk, talk, and fly; space shuttles; vehicles;

and aircraft.  Model polyhedra and the structure of molecules and crystals. 


The seven shapes

Six panels joined together

30 panels clustered together


       Polymorf building panels come in seven different geometric shapes and six vibrant colors.  

The remarkable combination of rigidity and flexibility of the models that makes them seem to

come to life in your hands is due to the patented "pinge" (pin+hinge) connector piece.  Up to six

panels can be joined together edge to edge simultaneously by one pinge.  And the panels can

hinge freely through a full 360 degrees of rotation.  Up to 30 panels can be clustered together so

that they radiate out from a common center point.  The result is a highly versatile modeling

system with infinite possibilities.

     Polymorf is really four sets in one: a model building kit, a construction set toy, a 3D puzzle,

and a math and science manipulative.

       Like conventional replica model building kits, the unique geometric properties of the panels

lets you contour the shape of a model to be convincingly realistic.  But with Polymorf you can

build an unlimited variety of models, not just the one the kit was designed for.

       Polymorf is also a construction set toy.  Most hub and strut construction sets can only

build the skeleton of a structure.  However, with Polymorf you can build the exterior shell of a

structure as well as interior spaces that are partitioned and braced for strength and stability just

like the real thing.  Buildings can be built with rooms and hallways; ships and subs can be

equipped with cabins and passageways; and bridges, towers, and Ferris wheels can be

engineered with interior cross bracing and bulkheads.

       Assembling a polymorf model from the seven different shaped panels is like trying to solve

a complex 3D puzzle with an added level of difficulty.  Since the panels can be joined together in

an infinite variety of combinations compared to only one way that pre-cut puzzle pieces go

together, the problem is finding the correct combination that will lead to a solution.  And there

are an infinite number of puzzles to choose from, not just the one the pieces were specifically

cut for.  Polymorf will both confound and delight the problem solver in you.

       Polymorf is also a useful math and science manipulative that integrates well with the

constructivist method of teaching that is currently being promulgated (i.e. learning by doing).

The multi-panel connectability of Polymorf panels facilitates straight forward demonstrations of

symmetry elements such as mirror and symmetry planes. And those features can be associated

between polyhedra by inscription and compounding operations.  Transformational operations

such as truncation, sectioning, and rearrangement are also possible.  Demonstrations of space

filling with polyhedra lay the groundwork for modeling the crystal lattice network and polyhedral

framework structure of elements and minerals.


Web site promo

       Polymorf's colorful website can be viewed at  It features a wide

variety of models that can be built with Polymorf.  The site also offers a gallery of free, original

clip art images of Polymorf models; animated cartoons featuring Polymorf characters; and even a

lesson on the symmetry of the Platonic solids.  Visitors can subscribe to the free 3Doodlings

newsletter to be published online periodically.  It will announce product updates and new site

features among other things. 


Product list

       Polymorf is available in five different size sets ranging in price from $20 to $150.

             Radical set - 230 pieces (84 panels plus connectors),  $20

             Universal set - 600 pieces (224 panels plus connectors),  $50

             Animator set - 1000 pieces (364 panels plus connectors)  $75

             Geometer set - 1000 pieces (364 panels plus connectors plus instruction booklet)  $80

             Engineer set - 2000 pieces ( 728 panels plus connectors)  $150

The sets can be ordered directly from the web site at USA

and Canadian residents only.  Credit card orders are processed online using the latest SSL

encryption technology for security.


Company profile

       Polymorf, Inc. was incorporated as an S corporation in the State of Washington in January,

1999.  It is a high-end toy manufacturing company specifically established to produce Polymorf.

The president is Rick Engel.  No financial information is available at this time.


Executive profile

Rick Engel - president

       Rick Engel is the president of Polymorf, Inc. and the inventor of Polymorf.  A fisheries

biologist by training, Rick became intrigued by how the structure of molecules and crystals

influenced their physical and chemical properties.  Specifically, the atoms of many elements and

minerals can be modeled as a symmetrical distribution of points in space like the vertices of

simple geometric shapes that are packed together to fill space.  Having made the connection

between geometry and chemistry, he discovered that these same geometric principles were a

veritable "philosopher's stone" for understanding such diverse fields as topology, crystallography,

biology, engineering, architecture, and art.  However, the commercially available math and

science manipulatives were inadequate for modeling the complex three dimensional geometries

involved.  Thus necessity became the mother of this invention and Polymorf was born.  As it

turns out, Polymorf's versatility as a model building toy is due to the same fundamental

geometric relationships that underlie the structure of natural systems.  It's truly serendipitous!


Contact information

       Polymorf, Inc.

       11500 NE 76 Street, # A-3, # 309

       Vancouver, WA  98662



.      Web site:

       Contact:  Rick Engel, president

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