POLYMORF - Kingman, AZ                     PRESS RELEASE


New Math and Science Manipulative, Enables a Cross-disciplinary Approach to Modelling

Geometry, Chemistry, Engineering, and Art


Polymorf can model inscription, truncation, sectioning, and space filling of polyhedra; crystal

lattices and polyhedral frameworks; and space frame structures.


       KINGMAN, ARIZONA, NOVEMBER 20, 2017 - Polymorf.  "Polymorf is really four sets in one,"

says the inventor, Rick Engel.  "It has the educational value of a math and science manipulative,

the versatility of a construction set toy, the realism of a model building kit, and the challenge of a

3D puzzle."


       Polymorf's versatility is due to its patented connection system which permits up to six freely

hinging building panels to be joined together edge to edge at the same time compared to just two

panels for its leading competitor.  Up to thirty panels can be clustered together to radiate out from

a common center point.


       As a cross-disciplinary math and science manipulative Polymorf models can demonstrate

concepts in such diverse fields as geometry, crystallography, biology, engineering, architecture,

and art.  As a general purpose construction set Engel asserts that the unique design of Polymorf's

geometric shaped panels lets the shape of the model to be contoured to look life-like compared to

the "blocky" or "stick figure" look of conventional construction sets.  Also, an infinite variety of

models can be built, not just the one the kit was made for.  And, unlike pre-cut 3D jig saw puzzle

pieces that can only be joined together one way to solve just one puzzle, with Polymorf the

combinations are infinite for solving an infinite number of puzzles.


       Polymorf building panels and connectors are made from durable plastic and come in six

vibrant colors.  All products come with a 30 day money back guarantee.  Polymorf sets, which

range in price from $22 to $155, can be ordered directly from the manufacturer at

http://www.polymorf.net. This colorful web site is populated by models of flying eagles, charging

dinosaurs, running dudes, spinning Ferris wheels, slithering snakes, leaping frogs, speeding dune

buggies, and rocketing space shuttles to name a few.  Free original animated clip art and cartoons

featuring Polymorf characters are presented for viewing and downloading.  A lesson on the

geometry of the Platonic solids is also offered for personal or classroom use.  It demonstrates how

the symmetry of polyhedra can be associated by means of inscription, truncation, and sectioning

and rearrangement.  The volumetric relationships of polyhedra and space filling with polyhedra are

also covered.


       Polymorf is made with pride in the USA. Rick Engel is the president of the company. The

address is Polymorf, 1308 Stockton Hill Rd., Suite A227, Kingman, Arizona 86401.  The email is

morfun@polymorf.net.  An online media kit is available for the press at www.polymorf.net/mediakit.htm.



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Contact:  Rick Engel,  480-267-8653 (please do not publish); email him at:  morfun@polymorf.net