The seesaw sucker fish (imbibus flatulus) feeds on tiny animals and decaying material


buried in the bottom muds of the Polygian oceans.  It sucks up the mud, gulps it past


gill rakers located in its throat, and then blows the muddy water back out its rear end.


The gill rakers catch the pieces of food and also remove oxygen from the water so the


fish can breathe.  Since it is a bottom dwelling flat fish it usually moves very slowly as


it roots through the mud in search of food.  But if it is startled it can jet propel itself out


of danger by rapidly sucking in water and then blowing it out its rear.  As it does so the


front and rear ends of its body rock up and down.  That's how it got its name.



fish.JPG (14744 bytes)

Required parts

12 large triangles (LT)

4 small triangles (ST)

2 large squares (LS)

12 right triangles (RT)

12 isosceles triangles (IT)

54 pinges




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