The correct way to view these stereo images is to look at the left hand image with

your right eye, and at the right hand image with your left eye.  That is, you need

to cross your eyes.  You have probably done this before just fooling around so you

know how to do it.  The trick is to control how much your eyes cross while you

focus on the stereo image.  Use the following image to practice on.


Gaze at this stereo pair from about a foot away from the screen.  Keep your eyes
level and keep the images centered in your view.  Cross your eyes slowly until
you see three images (if you see four images your eyes are crossed too much).
Concentrate on the center image.  When the two images converge together into
this center image it will appear to be three dimensional.  At first the center image
may appear blurred.  Keep trying to hold the stereo pair together in the center
image while you focus on it.  The longer you hold it, the more time your eyes will
have to focus.  Usually, even before you get the hang of focusing, the central
image will lock together and presto! it becomes 3-D!  Don't try too hard!  Just keep
looking at the center image while you relax your eyes and it will happen as if by
magic.  Once you get the trick it will become easier and easier for you to repeat
it in the future.

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