Here's how the two images should look in the viewfinder and in the pictures.





. .

left picture

right picture


Next the finished photos need to be placed side by side as a stereo pair.  But


to do this the left picture needs to be on the right side of the stereo pair and


the right picture needs to be on the left side like so:


left image (right picture)

right image (left picture)



  That's because in cross eyed

  stereo viewing the left eye

  must look at the left picture

  (i.e. the right stereo image)

  and the right eye looks at the

  right picture (i.e. the left

  stereo image).  Click here to

  see how to view a stereo

  image if you don't know how.



Also the distance between the centers if the two images should be about the

same as the distance between the pupils of your eyes, or about two and one-

half inches. If you did everything right the two images should merge into one

central 3D image when you view them cross eyed.  If you know how to view

stereo images but the ones you created don't look okay when viewed cross

eyed you may have inadvertently switched them the wrong way.  Try placing

them the opposite way to see if that works.


You can view your stereo images on your computer screen, email them to

friends, or post them on your web page if you like.  You have several options

for how to do this depending on whether you used a digital camera or film

camera to take the photos.  Click here for a lesson on this subject (this lesson
is on producing animations but the principles are the same). 
You can get a free copy of a stereoscopic 3D imaging software program
called Images 3D.  You can use it to import original pictures from a flat bed
scanner or digital camera, or view film prints that have been digitized and
saved on a photo CD or floppy in .bmp ; .jpg ; .jpeg ; .jps ;  or .png formats.

It will automatically create the stereo image pair with the images in the

correct transposed position for cross eyed viewing.  Or if you prefer it can set

up the images for parallel (wall eyed) viewing or viewing with 3D glasses.

Images 3D can be downloaded from the web at:


After you have downloaded this program you can return to this page by

clicking your browser window's back button.  Or you can bookmark this page

or put it on your favorites list before you download the program in order to

find your way back.

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