Saving the images to your computer -  Okay, you have shot one or


more of your pictures and they are digitized and ready for saving on your

computer.  If you have a digital camera or flat bed scanner it probably came

with its own image viewing and saving software.  If you had the photo lab

digitize your 35mm or 8mm photos and/or you don't have image importing,


viewing, and saving software already installed on your computer you can


download a free copy of Irfanview 32 from the web.  After downloading this

software just click on your BACK button to return to this page.  Or you can
bookmark this page or add it to your favorites list before downloading the
program(s) so you can find your way back.
Irfanview 32 - Image importing and viewing software can be downloaded at:


(Caution: if you don't know how to download software from the web


ask your parent to help you or get help from someone who does.)



Irfanview 32 (IV32) is a multi-feature software package that lets you view

digitized images in most of the popular file formats including JPEG which is

probably the format used for digitizing your photos.  IV 32 can even import

images directly from a digital camera or a flat bed scanner.  And it has a
slide show feature that lets you "screen" your animation before it goes into
the GIF animator program for final editing.


After you have viewed the images in IV32 or other image viewing software

you need to save the images on your computer or disc in a format that can

imported into a GIF animation program.  If you don't have a GIF animator
program already installed on your computer and you want to download a
free copy of Microsoft GIF Animator (listed below) you will need to save your

images in the GIF89a format.  Some other GIF animator programs let you

import images in a variety of formats other than GIF.  They act as a viewing
and GIF animation program all in one.


Finally, you need to import your GIF (or other format) images into a GIF

animation program that will actually create the final animation.  There are

many good, inexpensive GIF animation programs available.  However, you

can also download free copies of "bare bones" ones from the web such as:


Microsoft GIF Animator (for PC) - Only imports GIF image files.  Download at: (zip file 147 Kb)

- or -

GIF Builder (for Mac) - Imports GIF, PICT,TIFF,PSD, PICS files.  Download at:


That's it in a nutshell.  There are many good animation tutorials on the web

that go into greater detail how to plan your shoot, shoot it, and edit it.  Like
most worthwhile things in life, learning how to produce your own animated
GIFs of your Polymorf models requires a little concentration, practice, and
persistence.  But once you've mastered the technique you will find it is

pretty easy to do.  And you will get great satisfaction from playing your

animations over and over again.  You can even post them on your web page
for all the world to see just like the big shot Hollywood producers.

Animate your imagination!

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